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I'm Anna, artist, designer, marketer, and "Wall Wood Art" founder. My life's passion and mission consist in creating something beautiful from simple things. Looking forward for creating the most inspirational home decor in the world! All tiny details matter! I'm so pleased and so grateful that you choose our wall art for your homes and trust us to add a piece to your house's atmosphere. It means the world to us!
Founder, designer
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Our Story
The story began in 2020 when we met with Artem, my old friend, talented wood craftsmanship, and decided to create something together. With the idea of making this world more beautiful and people’s homes cozier, we started our journey. 

Within these past 2 years, we’ve decorated hundreds of travelers’ homes around the world with inspiring wooden world maps. We were creating wall decor, customized wooden maps of cities and different memorable spots of our planet, converting them into remarkable wall decor. 

Also, I’m a big fan and wine lover. I truly believe that wine is a real art. Soil, climate, geography,  sun and rain, rivers and mountains, artistry, talent, and knowledge of the winemaker create that unrepeatable experience and taste of wine in our glass. The same happens with wall decor. With many elements together and the hard work of craftsmanship appear real masterpieces.  With this idea in mind, I’ve created the wine region maps collection, inspired by wine art.

Made of oak by a wine lover for all wine lovers. To be able not only to decorate your wine bar at home, your wine cellar area, or your kitchen but also to be able to visualize and learn more about the wine region you love!

Likewise, Anna (me) loves mapping, the Artem’s big passion is creating daily-use accessories with wood elements. Cardholders, glasses cases, passport covers, notebooks, and much other cute stuff, which you can also find in our shop!

Honestly, at Wall Wood Art we don’t really like the word “unique”. Too often it pops up in all-around places. However, we can’t find another word that fits better with what we do here.

Many thanks for reading our story. Many thanks for your trust and for choosing us to decorate your interior. It really means the world to us!

From Master of wood
We love to experiment with different materials, different woods, textures, and colors. Constantly trying, and adding new designs, we also are open to custom orders and gladly will create a one-of-a-kind wall art for you.
Co-founder, craftsman
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