Portugal wine map, wall decor with wood

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Stylish wall decor, handcrafted wooden carved wall art, 3D wood map:

  • vibrant fusion of decor and educational map
  • handmade of natural oak
  • fits to any interior style
  • meaningful and inspirational decor.

Materials: Portugal wine map is made of natural oak, eco-friendly glues and paintings, highest quality plywood.

Colour: Different tones of natural wood colors: from golden brown to pale yellow and straw colors. Every map is a genuine handmade and hand-painted item, so the color may slightly vary.

Wood thickness: to create a 3D effect we use wood from 4 to 14 mm in thickness. 

Dimensions: 50cm x 50 cm (19″  x 19″ )

Weight: 1000 gr

Language: English 


Portugal wine map, wall decor with Atlantic character.

Does your kitchen, home bar, wine cellar, or dining room decor lack a central accent? Do you need something outstanding, non-mass produced, and something that underlines your personality and tastes?


Our Portugal wine map is an authentic 3 in 1 solution.

  1. It is eye-popping unique wall decor, that probably no one of your neighbors has
  2. Wine education element – it has marked all wine regions of Portugal. If you are not an expert on Portuguese wines, with this map you’ll become it easily!
  3. Highlights the wine lover’s personality. By the way, Portugal’s wine map is an outstanding gift for the wine lovers! 


Honestly, at Wall Wood Art we also don’t really like the word “unique”. Too often it pops up in all the places. However, in describing our wine region maps, we can’t find another word that fits better. 

Carefully handcrafted in our workshop, inspired by Port wine. The natural oak wood map attracts everyone’s attention.


Express yourself by decorating the environment you live in. Fill the atmosphere of your home with delicious, cloudless and so friendly, and welcoming Portugal!


Are you an admirer of another wine region? Check our collection of wine region maps  and get your favorite! 

Want to make a custom map? We are here to help! 

1 review for Portugal wine map, wall decor with wood

  1. Linda

    I love it! It hangs in the center of my newly renovated dining room in Amsterdam and reminds me of my years spent in Portugal. Every week I have friends come to me and we have a session going around Portugal´s different wine regions with wine tasting! This map was definitely the best choice ever for this place!

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