Germany wine map, wood decor for wall


Handcrafted wall decor, sophisticated captivating wall art:

  • vibrant fusion of decor and educational map
  • handmade of natural oak
  • fits to any interior style
  • meaningful and inspirational decor.

Germany wine map is unqiue wood decor for wall

Materials: Germany wine map is made of natural oak, eco-friendly glues and paintings, highest quality plywood.

Colour: Different tones of natural wood colors: from golden brown to pale yellow and straw colors. Every map is a genuine handmade and hand-painted item, so the color may slightly vary.

Wood thickness: to create a 3D effect we use wood from 4 to 14 mm in thickness. 

Dimensions: 50cm x 50 cm (19″ x 19″ inch)

Weight: 1000 gr

Language: English 


Engravings of names of the wine regions and subregions. Also, the most popular and significant grape varieties of the region. We do our best to make the map most similar to the real map, maintaining maximum details and dimensions. However, it is more wood decor for wall element rather than a geographical map. Some elements could be missed or overscaled.

Germany wine map

To find a good decor for the kitchen, home bar, cellar or wine cabinet corner isn’t as easy sometimes. Of course, there are many offers out there. Stamped same-type posters and paintings with wine bottles/glasses/grapes are an option, but are so hackneyed and don’t attract too much.


That´s why we´ve created a home decor collection that has a personality. Actually, the decor isn´t only decor, but a real wine region map. A fusion of decor and wine education elements. With this German wine map you can not just decorate and highlight your wall, but also learn about German wine regions, wines from Germany, and the popular grape varieties. Also, don’t miss the option to use this map as a planner and tracker! Why not pin the regions and wines that you have already tasted and which ones are yet to come?


This eye-catching wood decor for walls is handmade of natural oak.  Yeah, we admit that for wine lovers it is significantly better to have an oak barrel full of wine, rather than just an oak map. However, it still could serve as a good inspiration, isn´t it! 🙂 


 We designed and handcrafted the the wine map of Germany in our workshop. We pick the best wood and use only high-quality materials to create our maps. Every teeny-tiny detail is designed, cut and, stick, and hand-painted by our team one by one.

Inspired by the authentic flavor of Riesling!


Are you an admirer of another wine region? Check our collection of wine region maps  and get your favorite! 

Want to make a custom map? We are here to help! 


We believe that home decor should always has room for inspiration and uniqueness! Three are no two same homes. Add some personality to yours with our decorative maps! 


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