3d Wood World Map, Living room wall decor


Handmade wall art to decorate any space of your home or office

3D wood world map is an inspirational decoration for home and office.

Dementions: 2000 cm x 1000 cm.

Colors: 3D wood world map is made in 3 colors: oak, walnut and pine. They are the most common and popular colors in interior design.

Material – high-quality birch plywood. However, we can customize the map and make it in natural oak. Please contact us for more details.

Color “oak” – is light, light brown or yellow, depending on the age of the tree, the older the tree is the darker the color becomes. Different processing methods allow to obtain a rich palette of warm and cold tones with different degrees of saturation.

“Walnut” color – varies from gray to light brown and heartwood from grayish to grayish brown.

Color “pine” – is between white and pale yellow.

It comes in a carton gift box and is ready for gift giving. A great gift for both travelers and those who like to stay at home. It is eco-friendly, respectful with the environment and very easy and fun to install.

Important note: The map does NOT have a strict geographical representation, it is a decoration element. Please note that some small countries and islands may be omitted due to their small size.

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We strive to create the decor most ecological and most beautiful pissible. That’s why we use only best materials.


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